About the scheme

The GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP+ FC) scheme offers uniform international standards to produce safe feed, and a growing set of international standards for sustainable feed.

GMP+ Feed Certification scheme

  • Is internationally recognised,
  • Adds value to your business, and

Is the only scheme that covers the entire feed chain.

What does it involve?

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme consists of two modules

  • GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA), and
  • GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA).

Companies can be certified for one or both modules. 

GMP+ FSA certification

With GMP+ FSA certification, companies demonstrate that they meet all requirements and conditions for the assurance of feed safety. By applying safe practices across the entire feed chain, companies contribute to safer feed, worldwide.

GMP+ FSA consists of various standards for all links in the feed chain, including:

  • Feed production
  • Distribution (trade)
  • Provision of transport and storage services
  • Laboratory activities

GMP+ FRA certification

With GMP+ FRA certification, companies demonstrate that  they meet market requirements for working more sustainably and responsibly.  By using a responsible production process, companies contribute to more sustainable feed, worldwide.

GMP+ FRA consists of various standards, each developed by specific market initiatives in collaboration with GMP+ International:

  •       Feed responsibility activities
  • Production & trade in RTRS soy
  • Responsible pig and poultry feed
  • Responsible dairy feed
  •       GMO Controlled

The strength of our scheme lies in our unique chain approach. GMP+ certified companies do business with other certified companies. Because all companies meet the same high standards through applying safe and sustainable principles in their unique settings, we create a uniform chain from beginning to end.

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