We are GMP+ International

Our vision: feed should be safe for animals, people, and our planet. GMP+ International is the world’s largest scheme for safe and sustainable animal feed. Our mission is to enable every company in the feed chain to take responsibility for working in a safe and sustainable way.

Our core values

What do we believe in? Our values guide us in what we do and the choice we make. They are our guiding principles.

  • Leading
    We have always taken the lead, and we continue to inspire our community to be forward-looking and take initiative.

  • Together
    We achieve the best results for the entire feed chain by working closely with our community.

  • Practical
    We create standards that work in the real world and can be applied in practice throughout the feed chain.

  • Valuable 
    Beyond certification standards, we add value by sharing collective insights and valuable services with our community.

About us

After contaminated feed caused several serious incidents, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) was set up by the Dutch feed industry in 1992 as a certification scheme for feed safety. Today, GMP+ International is a not-for-profit with over 19,000 GMP+ certified companies in 90 countries.

The GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP+ FC) scheme offers uniform international standards to produce safe feed, and a growing set of international standards for sustainable feed. Our standards cover the whole feed chain, from production and trade to transhipment and transport, to processing and storage.  

A global community

Our community includes certified companies, independent Certification Bodies and auditors, Registered Consultants, industry associations, training institutes and other partners around the world. 

The strength of our scheme lies in our unique chain approach. GMP+ certified companies do business with other certified companies. Because all companies meet the same high standards through applying safe and/or sustainable principles in their unique settings, we create a uniform chain from beginning to end.   

For over three decades, the GMP+ FC scheme has been ‘of, by and for’ the feed sector. Feed companies and partner organisations play an active role in the continuing improvement of our scheme. Listening to our community is fundamental to who we are.

Valuable support for the sector 

Our globally accepted scheme is developed with the industry, and based on solid legal, scientific and practical foundations. We focus on practicality; sharing information and developing services to enable companies to contribute to safe and sustainable feed.

We provide not only certification schemes, but also risk management tools, access to databases, newsletters, events and webinars, professional development through the GMP+ Academy, directories of registered consultants and services, and direct support through the GMP+ Helpdesk. 

We invite you to join the world’s largest, most comprehensive, and globally accepted scheme for feed safety and sustainability. Together we can make safe and sustainable feed, worldwide.


GMP+ International is an internationally operating not-for-profit   private organisation. Our governance model guarantees consistency, independency, responsibility, and transparency among the GMP+ community. You can find out more here .