Benefits of GMP+ Certification

As a GMP+ certified company, you are part of a growing and committed GMP+ Community of over 19,000 companies in 90 countries. GMP+ certified companies have a reputation for being transparent, reliable, and committed to safe and sustainable feed.

A growing feed community

The GMP+ Feed Certification (GMP+ FC) scheme is known for its quality, scope, and international recognition. The GMP+ Community is closely involved in the development of the standards to ensure that they can be applied in the real world. 

Benefits for your company

As well as contributing to safe and sustainable feed, a GMP+ certificate means your company:

  • Gains a ‘license to sell’ - with access to a global supply chain and growing markets,
  • Has access to a range of GMP+ support services, like the Early Warning System, detailed risk management information, and the GMP+ Helpdesk,
  • Can give your team access to a range of online and in-person learning opportunities across different countries through the GMP+ Academy,
  • Can connect with a growing community of 19,000+ companies in 89 countries, as well as Certification Bodies, Trainers, and Registered Consultants.

Benefits for your customers

Your customers can feel confident that you are contributing to safe and sustainable feed, because:

  • The GMP+ FC scheme is compatible with local and (intern)national legislation, and where legislation is less strict or absent then the scheme must still be followed,
  • GMP+ certified companies are audited by independent Certification Bodies,
  • You will be applying industry best practice with integrated HACCP, and a standard based on ISO 22000 standards.

Benefits for consumers

The strength of our scheme lies in our unique chain approach. GMP+ certified companies do business with other certified companies. Because all companies meet the same high standards through applying safe and sustainable principles in their unique settings, we create a uniform chain from beginning to end.